Please visit our cost summary page for a guide to the prices of our web sites.

However, to gain an appreciation of the factors involved in web site construction and the variability of cost, we ask that you read on.

Three elements contribute to the cost of a website:

  • Domain name registration. The domain name is essentially your address on the web. For example www.mywebaddress.com.au. A ".au" name costs $70 for 2 years. Other domains, for example ".com", ".org", ".biz" etc are available, some for as low as $40/2years. To check whether your chosen domain name is available, please visit our domain names page.;
  • Site hosting: is the cost of "renting" space and accessing technology on a server. Depending upon the the size of the site and the technology required, this will cost from $100 to $400 per year;
  • Design and development: involves the most time and effort and contributes most to the cost.

Web sites that project a professional image of you or your business cannot be bought "off the shelf" for a set price.

Web sites are built from the ground up in much the same way as a house. The price of a house is determined by design decisions such as size, number of stories, number of rooms, quality and quantity of fittings.

Similarly, the price of a web site is determined by its size, the amount of graphic design involved and the extent to which a variety of technologies and features are required. This includes whether the site is static (a given page looks the same to every user) or dynamic (the page will look different for each user according to user supplied information), the extent of graphic design included, the scale and function of any databases required, whether a shopping cart is required and so on.

Some savings can be made for smaller sites if you provide your own photographs and graphics. We can advise you on whether your photographs are suitable for use in a web site. Alternatively, we will arrange a photographer for you.

Once we know your particular requirements, we can provide a quote. Please note, however, that once development has started, changes to requirements are very likely to add to the cost. To use the house building analogy again, no reasonable person expects to re-arrange the floor plan of a house once building is underway without incurring substantial additional costs. Its the same for the building of a web site. Therefore, we work very closely with you in the initial phase to help you to refine and define your exact requirements. This saves you money and us time.

If you would like more obligation free information about web site costs and solutions, please Contact us.

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